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I cried when the piano streamed down like rain, cool and poised..
But was I crying for a memory that this Rachmaninoff piece brought?

We played many games, we talked a lot of poetry
We walked a lot of dances, we spent a lot of music

We went to Paris, Danube, Washington,
Nairobi, expensive hotels, Mauritius, London

We watched of a breakfast at Tiffany’s
We watched of a Roman holiday
We sang Moon River, As The Days Go By,
Somewhere Beyond The Sea and
Fly Me To The Moon

Am I crying for your memory? 

You always had an innocence to you
Despite all that you knew of me, and
All that  you saw through me.
There was always this disconcerting
Innocence in the looks you threw my way

It’s like the mind emptying ringing of
Piano keys bouncing and floating
Like swallows in a summer’s evening sky
Simple and innocent, clean like a crystal stream

Crystal. That was it. That was your name.

It wasn’t Audrey. Not Bridgitte. Nor Lea. 

Crystal. Simple and innocent, clean like a crystal stream

Though I walked out of your apartment months ago
Never to return, never to heed your calls again;
This musical piece reminds me of you
Because there is a bit of you in this.

We listened to something like this one rainy day
And the air smelt like warm furniture
And was it coffee, yes coffee.


Matilda Lowther for i-D magazine, Spring/Summer 2014.

Alasdair McLellan.